Collaborate with IMWU, we are making a documentary video project about Indonesian undocumented migrant workers in Holland. The goal is to give an insight of how the migration happen, started from the more simple in Indonesia to the complexity of the issue, also to portray the reality life of the ups and downs of tropical people living in four seasons country.

Through the process we dig information from any groups, academics, activists, politicians, artists, historians, Indonesian government and other related groups to find answers of this dilemmatic migrant issue and to analyze what is the urgency today.

To be able to see the real situation and to build trust, we stay at undocumented migrant house in different places for four weeks. We record their daily life, feel their worries and sacrifice, see their invisible life, adaptation, self-changes, unmatched dreams and learn their collective struggle to voice their rights in the Netherlands.

For us this project feels like opening a pandora box, it could touch the deepest humanity in relation of criminal agents, migration threats, human trafficking, historical ties and the other version of the dark side of colonization. This documentary is positioned as an intervention in building dialogs, bridging differences and increasing awareness.

Moreover, the undocumented migrant workers from Indonesia are not only in the Netherlands, they spread across the world.



Director: Irwan Ahmett

Artist and activist interested in playing with risk and focusing vulnerable issue as the subject, because it contains the deepest humanity value and it’s universal. In each of his work, Irwan tried to see the historical relation and collective memory to build a new narrative and to intervene problem significantly.

Co-Director: Tita Salina

Artist and designer who chooses direct interaction with society and tries to analyze the complexity of problems from the micro side. Tita constantly links them through contextual themes as series of artistic practice that would never be finished. It would keep developing and create new ideas, which reflect problems locally and globally.

Cameraman: Rangga Aditiawan

Artist and cameraman who actively records the urban and rural life in Indonesia. For the last few years, Rangga has been actively utilizing participatory video and community TV in Sunday Screen community and Jatiwangi Art Factory as the new medium that could help residents to see their problems from the different creative view.


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