Interview with Imam As’ari

Pak Imam as the Counsellor of Indonesian embassy (KBRI) in The Netherlands said that the embassy really appreciates with the emergence of initiative groups of Indonesians live in The Netherlands that give positive roles. The presence of IMWU is felt useful by the undocumented, where they need a forum that could advocate for their rights in accordance with the applicable laws in The Netherlands.


INTERVIEW HOUSE OWNERHad a conversation with a Dutch who hires an undocumented Indonesian to clean her house twice a week. Both parties trust each other, the employer hands the house keys, the worker cleans every corner of the house while the owner is out. No one complains so far. No letters, contracts whatsoever are needed, trust is the key.

Meet the Indonesian Diaspora Network-NL

diaspora meetingMeet and interview the Indonesian Diaspora in The Netherlands at the Indonesian embassy. Its members are those who were born in Indonesia or Indonesian descendants or those who love Indonesia, all living in Holland, with whatever nationalities, professions and social statuses, who would like to connect among them selves and with Indonesia through meaningful programs.