Actie Domestic Workers Netherlands

Wednesday 19 nov 2014, the parliament had a discussion on the position of domestic workers. All groups domestic workers under FNV Bondgenoten did an action since the Dutch government refused to ratify ILO Conv.189. IMWU and other migrant organisation under FNV-B took part. It was not so many people, because a lot of fellows must work. No work no pay for us. No pay means no money to be sent to our family at home. (Source: IMWU NL on FB)

Don’t give up!

In commemoration of Heroes’ Day 10th of November, we made an intervention together with Indonesian migrants, walking out of a dark tunnel into the light. Their battle for their lives and their rights have not yet finished. For their families far far away, they are heroes.

Interview with Imam As’ari

Pak Imam as the Counsellor of Indonesian embassy (KBRI) in The Netherlands said that the embassy really appreciates with the emergence of initiative groups of Indonesians live in The Netherlands that give positive roles. The presence of IMWU is felt useful by the undocumented, where they need a forum that could advocate for their rights in accordance with the applicable laws in The Netherlands.

Detention centers in The Netherlands

Detention center is an institution where foreigners are held for certain periods because of fail to obtain a residence status can be detained prior to deportation, particularly illegal immigrants, refugees, or people awaiting trial or sentence. Several Indonesians who overstayed and illegally lived in this country stayed for some periods in detention centers before being sent home.

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