One day with Seth Paul

sethpaulSeth Paul, a lawyer who specializes on undocumented migrant issue has helped many migrants to be released from detention centers in The Netherlands. He always says, if you need assistance please call me! while handling his business card to everyone he meets.


Dutch language course

les belandaIMWU initiates Dutch language courses for Indonesian migrants for free every once in a week in three cities, The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The teachers are volunteers and some of them are learning Indonesian as an exchange.

Meet the Indonesian Diaspora Network-NL

diaspora meetingMeet and interview the Indonesian Diaspora in The Netherlands at the Indonesian embassy. Its members are those who were born in Indonesia or Indonesian descendants or those who love Indonesia, all living in Holland, with whatever nationalities, professions and social statuses, who would like to connect among them selves and with Indonesia through meaningful programs.